Caribbean Report 16-11-1993



Table of Contents

Headlines with anchor Yvette Rowe (00:30).
1. Carol Orr reports from the Word Travel Market Exhibition at Earl’s Court London (00:31 -01:07).
2. The European Community’s Independent Aid Agencies have warned the EC not to press ahead with a radical overhaul of the LOME Convention. Simon Stucker of Eurostep Aid Agency Coalition warned against the consequences of this move - Shada Islam reports (01:08 - 03:55).
3. A referendum on Curacao’s Constitutional future will be held and outcomes could have serious political implications for the ruling party – Mike Jarvis reports (03:56 -06:08).
4. Ministers in a Commonwealth taskforce on the GATT World Trade Talks are calling those holding out on the talks to show real leadership. Branford Taitt, Barbados Foreign Affairs Minister is on an international mission for major participants to agree to the Uruguay round – he says this is an urgent matter for developing countries (06:09 -07:14).
5. Guyana is making its first official visit to the World Travel Market in London. Carol Orr reports from an interview with Patricia Lowe, President Guyana’s Tourism Association who explains what are Guyana’s participation expected economic and tourism outcomes (07:15 -11:27).
6. Marita Lorenz former lover of Fidel Castro says that Fidel Castro’s position seems increasingly isolated due to his personal and political convictions about the US polices against Cuba (11:28 -15:02).