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In September 2005, a Computer Science course was developed using almost exclusively a number of Open Source Learning Content Management Tools. This course was delivered twice over two semesters to students at St. George’s University, Grenada. The tools that were used to develop the course were the Burrokeet LCMS which was used to develop the content and ATutor which was used to deliver the course. Throughout the development of the course a number of observations were made as to the issues involved in developing a course for online delivery such as dealing with different file formats and arranging content in a manner that would be best suited to online delivery. This paper provides an overview of the Burrokeet System and the technologies used to develop this Open Source Learning Content Management System. It gives a practical view of how an online course using Open Source Learning Content Management tools was developed and delivered.


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LCMS, Burrokeet, Elearning, Learning content management systems