Caribbean Report 18-08-1997



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:30)
2. After the latest scientific report Britain has a change of heart and offers partial evacuation of Montserrat. Britain Development Secretary Clare Short, Commander David Snelson, Chief Minister of Montserrat Bertrand Doyle and Dr Paul Jackson, Scientist at the Observatory Centre, Montserrat are interviewed. James White, Jr reports (00:31-07:40)
3. There are calls in London for more help to be provided to the people of Montserrat. E. Smith reports (07:41-08:52)
4. Caribbean diplomats in Washington respond to a Cuban American attempt to block increase Caribbean cooperation with Havana. Roy Osana reports (08:53-10:39)
5. A long running campaign to discredit the St. Maarten Patriotic Alliance has been sighted by the party's leader, William Martin, as the main reason for breaking its coalition with the Democratic Party. Mike Jarvis reports from St. Maarten (10:40-12:21)
6. The family of murdered black Britsh teenager Stephen Lawrence is making a case for an annual commemoration of his death. Supporters of the family say the time is now right to use the publicity created by the Lawrence case to focus on the possibility of Britain marking African Remembrance Day. Neville Lawrence is interviewed (12:22-15:23)