Caribbean Report 31-05-1991



Unrelated clip preludes the report.

Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:53)
2. Growing concerns in the Caribbean over the safety of two nuclear power plants under construction in Cuba and the preparedness of the region in the event of an accident. Franklin McDonald of the Disaster Preparedness Office in Jamaica, comments on the response of the Caribbean to a nuclear accident (00:54-05:47)
3. The Dutch government may resort to military intervention in Suriname if Desi Bouterse and his army interfere with the country’s newly elected administration. An international observer, Dr. Robert Pastor of the Carter Centre, comments on his recent talks with the Dutch and the assurance given by Desi Bouterse that he will respect the democratic process (05:48-09:30)
4. St. Lucia’s fears over the loss of their second weekly BWEE flight on the London route have been temporarily allayed. Although the operational license was due to expire today, the UK government has agreed to extend it despite the absence of the Multilateral Air Service Agreement with Caricome due to Barbados’ unwillingness to sign. Prime Minister of Barbados, Phillip Greaves reiterates that his country’s position remains unchanged and Peter Bagas, Chairman of St. Lucia Air Service Committee, comments on the current air service arrangement in the Caribbean (09:31-13:19)
5. The selection of the English cricket team is announced for the upcoming test match against the West Indies. Jonathan Agnew reports (13:20-14:35)
6. Haiti has been chosen as the venue for the first meeting of the newly formed Latin American Inter-Parliamentary Human Rights Commission at the end of the year (14:36-15:11)