Caribbean Report 08-06-1999

Table of Contents
1. Headlines with anchor Orin Gordon (00:26)
2. Trinidad and Tobago signaled its intention to hang another two dozen prisoners, as nine inmates were hanged over the weekend. Jamaica expects to resume hangings as convicted murderer Joseph Thomas is scheduled for the gallows as his case was dismissed by the Privy Council. Saint Lucia Prime Minister Kenny Anthony and Saint Lucia Human Rights Lawyer Mary Francis discuss the impact on the resumption of hanging in Trinidad and Tobago on the wider Caribbean region. Correspondents Orin Gordon, Tony Fraser and Pete Ninvalle reports (00: 27 - 04: 14
3. The US came in for sharp criticism at the annual assembly of the Organization of America States in Guatemala on the US proposal for democratic renewal of the region. Combatting drug trafficking and drug enforcement and rehabilitation were other agenda items discussed at the assembly. Mike Lanchin reports (04: 15 - 06: 41)
4. An International Monetary Fund (IMF) report confirms that the Netherland Antilles is in financial crisis and must tackle economic problems promptly. The IMF report covers medium and macro term fiscal planning for the Netherland Antilles. Mike Jarvis reports (06:42 - 08:40)
5. A US Jury convicted a New York police officer Charles Schwartz of beating a Haitian immigrant Adna Liuima. The assault has resulted in racial tension in the city (08:41 - 09:11)
6. There has been no response from the Cuban government on a hunger strike embarked on by twenty five members of a Cuban opposition group in protest of freedom and release of political prisoners (09: 12 – 09: 33)
7. Caribbean fans are expressing strong interest in following the cricket teams contesting the World Cup series. Orin Gordon reviews the political and historical significance of the matches (09: 34 - 13: 35)
8. There have been widespread support at the Commonwealth Parliamentary Seminar for the establishment of a fifth ministerial post in the British Virgin Islands. Chief Minister Ralph O’Neal discusses the advantages of the proposal. Angela Burns-Piper reports (13:36 – 15:25)