Caribbean Report 06-12-1990



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:44)
2. Eleven days before elections, violence returns to Haiti as suspected Duvalist thugs threw a street bomb that killed five and injured 53 people in Port-au-Prince. Michael Norton reports (00:45-03:10)
3. At the Miami Conference, Hugh Crosskill reports that the influence of the Spanish-speaking Caribbean nations has increasingly replaced that of the English-speaking Caribbean countries. Pat Thompson, Executive Director of the Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce, comments on the relevance of the conference to the Caribbean; whilst David Jessop, Executive Director of the West India Committee suggests a tighter conference agenda to facilitate better results. Pat Whitehorne interviews Mickey Browney, Managing Director of the Belize Sugar industry and Parks Shackelford, US consultant of cotton, rice and sugar. The segment concludes with comments from Courtney Blackman, former Governor of Barbados’ Central Bank, on the need to devaluate the dollar in order to reverse the economic decline in Barbados (03:11-12:16)
4. In Antigua, the recently published Blom-Cooper arms scandal report is sold at a price of one hundred EC dollars. Dr. Ivor Heath of Antigua’s United Democratic Party and an Antigua academic question the motives behind the high price of the report and its inaccessibility to the public (12:17-14:10)