Caribbean Report 09-05-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:28)
2. Member States of the Caribbean Development Bank have been urged to work towards economic development. President of the Caribbean Development Bank Sir Neville Nicholls and Jamaica's Foreign Minister Omar Davies are interviewed (00:29-03:01)
3. Grenadian Prime Minister Keith Mitchell believes the reform process in the public service in most countries of the region is taking root. Prime Minister Keith Mitchell is interviewed (03:02-04:09)
4. Montserrat's Chief Minister Reuben Meade has requested financial assistance from the Caribbean Development Bank for his volcano threatened islands (04:10-04:44)
5. Authorities in the United States have announced that they have broken up a sophisticated marijuana smuggling network which was linked to Jamaican organised crime. Leslie Goffe reports (04:45-06:22)
6. Cuba has arrested twelve people all of them foreigners for the possession of drugs. The State media says most of them were detained by the authorities for carrying cocaine. Spokesman for the Foreign Ministry Miguel Alfonso is interviewed and Rosie Hayes reports from Havana (06:23-08:16)
7. A Greenpeace official has advised against the use of asbestos material in buildings in the region. Greenpeace Campaigner Roberto Ferrigno is interviewed (08:17-11:35)
8. United States efforts to get the Haitian government to move ahead with the process of privatization featured when the US Assistant Trade Minister Lawrence Summers met with President Renee Preval earlier today in Port-Au-Prince. They, also, discussed trade and finance issues. United States Assistant Trade Minister Lawrence Summers is interviewed (11:36-12:55)
9. Trinidad's newest weekly is searching for press freedom. Managing Editor Maxie Cuffie is interviewed. David Ward reports (12:56-15:13)