Mathematics anxiety and the primary school teacher [PowerPoint presentation]



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This study sought to explore the relationship between mathematics teaching anxiety, and mathematics teacher efficacy and mathematics avoidance, among a small group of primary school teachers in Trinidad, by gender, age, and years of teaching experience. Data were collected from 68 participants who were selected using criterion-based selection. It was found that: 1) mathematics anxiety was not evident among participants; 2) higher anxiety was associated with lower efficacy and higher avoidance, 3) teacher variables did not significantly influence anxiety, avoidance, and efficacy, 4) older and more experienced teachers reported marginally higher anxiety and avoidance, but lower efficacy than younger and less experienced ones., and 5) female teachers reported marginally lower anxiety and avoidance, but higher efficacy than males


Paper presented at the Biennial Conference of The University of the West Indies Schools of Education, 23-25 April, 2013, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago

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Mathematics teachers, Primary school mathematics, Primary school teachers, Mathematics, Anxiety, Mathematics education, Conference papers, Trinidad and Tobago