Caribbean Report 17-06-1991



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:36)
2. Twenty-nine Haitian children illegally employed on the plantations of the Dominican Republic will be deported to Haiti tomorrow. Jean-Michel Caroit reports from Santo Domingo (00:37-06:50)
3. Britain’s Minister of Overseas Development, Linda Choka, reaffirms British aid commitment to the Caribbean and adds that the region will remain the highest per capita recipients of British economic assistance. Pat Whithorne interviews Linda Choka who also notes that a green conditionality will be attached to the economic aid in the form of encouraging Caribbean governments to impose environmental taxes (02:21-06:50)
4. Members of Antigua’s Parliament are currently debating a Prevention of Corruption Bill in the aftermath of the arms scandal and allegations of corruption in the government. Former Deputy Prime Minister, Vere Bird, and opposition leader, Baldwin Spencer welcome the introduction of the bill (06:51-09:47)
5. Journalist and author, Lynn Geldof, recently published a book entitled “Cubans” which depicts a grave present day challenge for Fidel Castro and Cubans. Mike Jarvis interviews Lynn Geldof (09:48-12:40)
6. In a warm-up match for the second test against England, West Indian cricketer Patrick Patterson suffers a leg injury. Tony Cozier reports on the impact of the injury on the West Indies. John Agnew also reports on the selection of the English team for the upcoming match and the inclusion of David Lawrence (12:41-14:55)