Caribbean Report 12-12-1990



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:34)
2. As the GATT talks break down, the Caribbean and Latin America agree to work together. Debbie Ransome reports on the aftermath of GATT and its impact on the region’s integration movement. Comments from Sahadeo Basdeo, External Minister of Trinidad and Tobago (00:35-03:56)
3. Sahadeo Basdeo, External Minister of Trinidad and Tobago also states that the former ACP Secretary General, Edwin Carrington, will not be appointed as the new ambassador in Brussels. Mr. Carrington is tipped to become the first Caricom Commissioner (03:57-04:40)
4. British Foreign Office Minister with Responsibility for the Caribbean, Marl Lennox Boyd, returns to London after his first official visit to the region. Hugh Crosskill interviews Mr. Boyd on the Caribbean concerns after his visit (04:41-07:40)
5. British Conservative Party takes unprecedented steps to ensure that the party secures a black MP after the next elections. John Taylor, the first black Tory member, is selected to fight the Cheltenham seat and attracts strong opposition since he is not viewed as a local. According to Dudley Aldbridge, some Tory members are demanding a reselection and John Taylor refutes the claims that his selection was a token gesture (07:41-10:51)
6. West Indies cricket team arrives in London on their way back home after a drawn series against Pakistan. Interview with the team’s captain, Desmond Haynes (10:52-12:39)
7. Archaeologists have allegedly discovered the remains of Christopher Columbus’ lost ships abandoned in the Caribbean after the mutinies in the 16th century. Leslie Goffee interviews James Parrent, Director of the Archaeological Team at Texas AandM University (12:40-14:50)