Caribbean Report 04-08-1989



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:50)
2. A leading black activist in South Africa determined to disrupt the rebel cricket tour praises the strong stance of the West Indies Cricket Captain. Also top athletes John Regis and Fiona May react to the rebel tour. Pat Whitehorne interviews Ameen Akhalwaya (00:51-05:26)
3. Financial news (05:27-07:07)
4. ACP countries to receive compensation from the EEC after sugar prices in Europe were reduced by two percent. Pat Whitehorne interviews economist Farideh Bromfield (07:08-09:13)
5. More holiday makers are heading for the Caribbean. Pat Whitehorne interviews Richard Grommet (09:14-11:39)
6. Reviews of the rebel cricket tour of South Africa are delivered by the British Press (11:40-14:58)