Caribbean Report 10-11-1998



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:23)
2. The international community steps up aid to Central America. Belize is mobilizing more aid to its hurricane devastated neighbours in Central America. Red Cross Representative Mark Herson and British Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown are interviewed and Kimberly Andrews-Thomas and Karla Heusner report (00:24-05:22)
3. Opposition party sweeps to victory in Bermuda. Roger Crombie reports (05:23-06:45)
4. The West Indies Cricket team finally arrives in South Africa. President of the West Indies Cricket Board Pat Rousseau and Captain Brian Lara are interviewed. Commentator Fazeer Mohammed and Sport journalist Colin Croft report (06:46-11:15)
5. Destruction of the banana crop in Central America by Hurricane Mitch has caused the price of the fruit to double in the US market. Economically the countries have been set back by thirty years. The human cost of Mitch is well documented, eleven thousand and counting but what of the environmental cost? President Bill Clinton and Dulce Maltez of Christian Aid are interviewed. Tom Gibb reports (11:16-15:21)