Caribbean Report 03-04-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlilnes (00:00-00:31)
2. Battles over press freedom in Trinidad and Tobago continue. Aldwin Chow of the Guardian Newspaper is interviewed and Tony Fraser reports (00:32-02:06)
3. In the light of recent developments Information Minister Senator Wade Mark is asked if the government should be held accountable for the climate of uncertainty surrounding press freedom in the Republic? Senator Wade Mark is interviewed (02:07-05:20)
4. The Caribbean Development Bank President warns of a drug cultivation replacing the Windward's Banana Industry. Caribbean Development Bank President Sir Neville Nichols is interviewed (05:21-07:46)
5. The British government protested to the US today over the Helms-Burton Bill in the House of Commons which gives US citizens the right to sue British and other foreign companies trading with Cuba. The London-based Commonwealth Development Corporation plans to increase investment in Cuba despite the risk imposed by the Helms-Burton legislation. Sir Nicholas Bonsor and Stephen Cake, CDC's Regional Director with Responsibility for the Caribbean are interviewed (7:47-10:42)
6. Montserrat's volcano is again showing signs entering into what scientist call an eruptive phase. Chief Minister Reuben Meade is interviewed (10:43-11:39)
7. Chief Minister Derek Taylor of the Turks and Caicos Islands says all respect is lost for the governor who is set to stay. Chief Minister Derek Taylor is interviewed (11:40-13:24)
8. Two former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide close associates have formed a party aimed at fighting Rene Preval's plans for privatization. Michael Norton reports (13:25-15:27)