Caribbean Report 23-03-1992



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:39)
2. Prime Minister John Compton announces April 27th as the general election date in St. Lucia. Meanwhile, a massive show of protest from the opposition against government’s plan to remove three electoral boundaries occurred at the time of the announcement. Pete Ninvalle reports from Castries (00:40-02:43)
3. In an interview with the anchor, Prime Minister John Compton talks of his plan to focus on political and economic stability in his election campaign while dealing with issues such as OECS-Federation in the party’s manifesto (02:44-05:34)
4. A letter was delivered to Guyana’s President Desmond Hoyte via the British High Commissioner on behalf of the British government urging general elections be held speedily or risk future aid commitments being forfeited (05:35-06:26)
5. Escaped Haitian Priest Yvon Joseph, says that the United Nations will have to step in if the continuing crisis in Haiti is going to be solved (06:27-11:02)
6. Cuba’s Young Communist League will celebrate its sixth congress later this year. Correspondent Lionel Martin reports from Havana (11:03-13:15)
7. Prime Minister Michael Manley is to meet with President Bush in Washington tomorrow to assure him that his successor will continue his liberalization and privatization policies (13:16-13:55)
8. The Mexican Government News Agency quotes Cuban state controlled television and newspaper as saying that its correspondents found goods supplies of fresh produce in government warehouses for the first time in months (13:56-14:24)