OP13 - East Indian Immigration

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These tapes were made available to OPReP for copying by Noor Kumar Mahabir. The informants spoke in a mixture of Hindi and English. They dealt generally with life in India in the early 20th century; the experience of the immigrants - the journey, life on board ship; their duties as workers in cane on the estates; the practice of religion during the indentureship period. The names of the persons interviewed are given ii with the tapes.


9 audio cassettes
This resource is available for research. It is the property of the West Indiana and Special Collections Division, The Alma Jordan Library, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus.

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Languages, Hinduism, Sugar Industry, India, Indentureship, East Indian Immigration, Hindi language, Couva: 1920, Immigration: East Indian, Hindi, Hindu Religion, Indian Culture, Pundits