Caribbean Report 02-07-1990


The Haitian Electoral Council has announced 4th November 1990 as the date of the long awaited general elections of the country and the army has promised to guarantee security during the elections period. Many Haitians are unconvinced by the army’s promise and according to Jean-Bertrand Aristide only the United States can bring some semblance of order within the Haitian army. Following the Financial News, four executions carried out in Guyana last month prompted Amnesty International to issue a report expressing concern over the resumption of executions in Guyana and calls on the Guyanese government to change all death sentences. In the last segment, football fans around the world bade farewell to the Cameroon’s World Cup team after a 3-2 defeat against England in the quarter-finals. The feat of being the first Third World nation to advance to the World Cup quarter-finals serves as an inspiration to the Trinidad and Tobago World Cup team who did not qualify due a 1-0 defeat against the United States.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:37)
2. Lack of faith in the promise of the Haitian army to provide proper security for the long awaited elections in November. Hugh Crosskill interviews Michaele Roy, wife of Louis Roy the president of Haiti's Council of State, and Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Roman Catholic priest (00:38-08:51)
3. Financial News. Gary Hufbauer, Professor at Georgetown University in Washington, comments on the new approach to international trade and the consequences for the Caribbean (08:52-10:31)
4. Amnesty International criticises Guyana following four state executions last month. Hugh Crosskill interviews Dina Coloma, Amnesty International Specialist on the Caribbean (10:32-12:37)
5. Despite Cameroon's defeat against England at the quarter-finals of the 1990 World Cup, the achievement of being the first Third World nation to reach the World Cup serves as an inspiration to other countries, for example Trinidad and Tobago. Comments from Alvin Corneal, National Coach of Trinidad and Tobago(10:38-15:10)