Caribbean Report 18-12-1990



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:33)
2. Following the presidential elections in Haiti over the weekend, the official results are still pending but unofficially there are much celebrations in the camp of Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Michelle Montague reports that the results are expected to be announced tomorrow night and Haiti is set to have a priest as a president. Will Father Aristide now face the wrath of the Catholic Church? Father Campbell Johnson, a Jesuit priest, comments on the role of the church in the politics of Haiti and the balancing task ahead for Father Aristide (00:34-06:01)
3. The Diego Martin Central by-elections held in Trinidad and Tobago, due to the death of Leo De Vignes, resulted in a victory for Ken Valley of the opposition PNM. Debbie Ransome reports that the by-elections turned out to be a popularity test for A.N.R. Robinson and his government, and the NAR candidate, Clive Pantin, is interviewed (06:02-09:16)
4. President Desmond Hoyte laments the postponement of the elections in Guyana and denies that his ruling party is stalling to allow for economic recovery and ultimately boosting the party’s chances of winning. Sharief Khan reports from Georgetown and features comments from Desmond Hoyte (09:17-11:06)
5. The West India Commission recently concludes another round of public consultations in Antigua with regards to Caribbean integration. The segment features contributions from members of the public and Tim Hector, leader of Antigua Caribbean Liberation Movement (11:07-14:39)