Caribbean Report 08-11-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Orin Gordon (00:00 - 00:25)
2. Commonwealth nations have been advised to take action against countries altering human rights. The list includes Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Sri Lanka and military governments in Nigeria and Pakistan. Mark Leonard director of the Foreign Policy Center reiterates the need to take a tougher stance in an interview with Emma Joseph. Orin Gordon interviews Dame Eugenia Charles former Prime Minister of Dominica on the role of the Commonwealth on issues of human rights (00:25 - 03:48)
3. Commonwealth country Australia votes to retain Queen as head of State in a referendum with 50 % of recent polling supporting republic in principle. Michael Dodd Australian journalist based in London reports. Dame Eugenia Charles in an interview with Orin Gordon agrees with polling to reject Republic model (03: 49 - 09:42)
4. Workers for LIAT regional airline are reacting to recommendations of firm Speedway on turning company around economically after losses of 30 million EC dollars. Ken Richards reports on Speedway recommendations which include drastic job cuts and reduction in fleet and operations (09:43 – 11:41)
5. In St. Lucia there are fears of a bigger split in the banana industry as a group of farmers agree to form a private banana company. Finance Minister Arnhim Eustace discusses the impasse (09:44 – 12:39)
6. Tributes continues for cricketer Malcolm Marshall who died at age 41 from colon cancer. Bertram Niles reviews press releases and reviews in the local and international press (11:42 – 15:19)