Caribbean Report 22-08-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:29)
2. British aid to develop Montserrat's 'safe area' as the islanders elected to stay put. Montserratians have been living under the volcano for about a year -- Carol Orr looks back at their trials. Chief Minister Reuben Meade, Governor Frank Savage and Chief Volcanologist Willie Aspinall are interviewed. Carol Orr and Keith 'Stone' Greaves report (00:30-07:04)
3. A former Trinidadian Prime Minister Patrick Manning trails his former Agriculture Minister in support among MP's in his PNM party. A call has gone out to stop the party from fragmenting. Former Agriculture Minister Hedwige Bureaux is interviewed (07:05-07:55)
4. As relations between Cuba and the United States continue to sour the US is seeking to iron out the difference with its allies. Those differences arose following the signing into law of the Helms-Burton Bill (07:56-08:45)
5. The buying power of the black people in the United States is increased sharply according to a new survey by a US consumer company. Jamaican born Dennis Dillon of New York Black Enterprise Centre, Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam and Grenadian born Roy Hastick of New York Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce are interviewed. Leslie Goffe reports (08:46-11:49)
6. Beauty and the Feast: a former Miss Universe tackles a weight issue. Former Miss Universe Janelle Commissiong-Chow is interviewed (11:50-15:29)