Caribbean Report 10-04-1998



Table of Contents

1. Special report on Antigua and Barbuda by Orin Gordon (00:00-00:21)
2. The OECS High Court has dismissed Opposition Leader Baldwin Spencer challenge on the Guiana Island project. Louis Daniel reports (00:22-01:19)
3. Baldwin Spencer states he detects signs that the government is preparing to call elections. Prime Minister Lester Bird comments that campaigning could happen later this year (01:20-08:35)
4. Barbuda is talking about self-determination, even though it is not a hot political issue at this time. Hilborne Frank advocates for self rule but Prime Minister Bird sees the issue differently. Barbudians and Antiguans have their say on the succession issue (08:36-12:36)
5. The paparazzi and reporters have offered money to residents to obtain pictures of Princess Diana who is on vacation at a secluded resort on Barbuda (12:37-15:20)