Caribbean Report 14-11-1991



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:36)
2. Cuba intends to press on for an end to the US trade embargo despite the lack of support at the UN. Trinidad and Tobago's Foreign Minister, Sahadeo Basdeo indicated its support for Cuba and surprisingly failed to speak out at the UN General Assembly meeting last week. Christopher Gunness interviews Cuban UN Ambassador, Ricardo Alarcon who stated that Cuba understands the silence of Trinidad and Tobago and the other Caribbean countries due to their relations with the US. Dr. Brian Meeks of the Department of Government, Mona Campus, The University of the West Indies comments on the lack of Caribbean support for Cuba by Latin American and Caribbean countries (00:37-07:02)
3. Guyana’s opposition party, the People’s Progressive Party, says it will maintain a flexible approach to the forthcoming elections by submitting a list of candidates for the December elections in the midst of a boycott by five other parties fearing a rigged election. Comments from the PPP leader, Cheddi Jagan. The BBC also reported two attempts have been made to sabotage the production of an accurate voters list by trying to wipe off computer data and the rewiring of an electrical system (07:03-09:48)
4. The UN High Commissioner on Refugees is calling on Caribbean countries to offer asylum to Haitian refugees held on US ships off the coast of Florida. Debbie Ransome interviews UNHCR spokesperson, [Susanna Rower] (09:49-13:24)
5. The state of the St. Lucian economy will be a major issue in the next elections. Comments from Deputy Prime Minister, George Malette (13:25-14:25)
6. The relations between Suriname and the Netherlands are set to improve when the Ministerial Summit opens on the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire tomorrow (14:26-14:58)