Caribbean Report 20-12-2001

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:25)
2. European Union Ministers finally adopt regulations for a new Banana import regime which lifts the threat of US sanctions against EU imports. Bertram Niles looks at the new arrangements (00:26-02:14)
3. OECS Ambassador Edwin Laurent tells the anchor it’s too early for ACP banana producers to celebrate due to the unresolved issue of licenses. However, he says the region should take note that a resolution with the United States is a significant development (02:15-05:25)
4. Haitian police say two men from the group implicated in the attempted coup were former soldiers. However, the spokesman of the Democratic Convergence Party Ariel Henry says the coup was a set up by the Aristide party to silence them (05:26-08:49)
5. There is a growing concern in Jamaica about de-criminalizing homosexuality. Conrad Hamilton reports (08:50-10:49)
6. International legal experts begin laying the groundwork for the world’s first permanent criminal court. Most Caribbean countries have signed up but the US is not backing the institution which is the brain child of Trinidadian President ANR Robinson. Geraldine Coughlin reports (10:50-13:39)
7. The Miss Universe pageant will be hosted in Puerto Rico for a second time. Organisers confirm that San Juan was seen as the safest destination among bidders for the competition. Emma Joseph reports (13:40-15:28)