Caribbean Report 24-10-1997



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:30)
2. The Commonwealth Heads of Government Summit has begun with the emphasis on trade, development and diplomacy. Prime Minister Tony Blair delivers an economic message, Queen Elizabeth in her role as Head of the Commonwealth stresses the importance of the 1.7 billion people who make up the grouping, Chief Emeka Anyaoku describes the path forward as new internationalism. He also unveils a report on the problems facing small states and Prime Minister of St. Lucia Kenny Antony criticises what he describes as the impotence of the international community over Montserrat. E. Smith reports (00:31-05:23)
3. Montserrat faces darkness as power workers threaten strike action. James White, Jr reports (05:24-07:13)
4. Jamaica has announced its withdrawal from an international human rights protocol which it says is preventing the country from hanging convicted criminals. Jamaica's Minister of National Security, K.D. Knights, Prime Minister P.J. Patterson and David Wong Ken of the National Democratic Movement are interviewed. Carol Orr reports (07:14-09:19)
5. Shipwrecks discovered off the Cuban coast. Glenn Costello, President of CanPac is interviewed and Rosie Hayes reports (09:20-10:51)
6. Black women from all over the United States are making their way across the country to Philadelphia for Saturday's Million Woman March. Joan Nelson, Writer and Activist is interviewed. Leslie Goffe reports (10:52-12:58)
7. Were Caribbean leaders successful in getting their issues discussed at the Summit? Warren Gordon reports (12:59-15:22)