OP45 - Leith, Charles; Titus, Rawle; Baptiste, George;

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2010-06-11T14:16:22Z, 6/1982 - 7/1982

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Charles Leith, George Baptiste and Muriel Crookshank all performed the speech band. Leith played the role of commander and Baptiste played the fiddle. Rawle Titus, a school teacher who has studied anthropology, supervised the Mt. St. George Folk Group which had speech band as an item in the Best Village Competition. Eileen Guillaume was a retired cultural officer. James Murray, a choir master, had a large written collection of Tobago folk songs.


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Oral Tradition, Tobago, Cultural Heritage: Trinidad and Tobago, Carnival, Calypso, Folklore, Tobago Speech Band, Biographies, Carnival Bands, Speech Bands, Carnival Corales