Caribbean Report 10-02-1998



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Orin Gordon (00:00-00:25)
2. Former Prime Minister of St. Lucia, Sir John Compton was pleased with the Court ruling which upheld the appeal against the island's commission of inquiry (00:26-03:45)
3. Two of Caribbean's largest airlines, Air Jamaica and BWIA are reportedly considering a merger. Air Jamaica's Allen Chastenet comments on Caribbean governments need to expand their air access (03:46-05:39)
4. The question of free movement of skills within the Caribbean Community to be closely examined at the CARICOM Council of Ministers meeting (05:40-06:25)
5. Guyana authorities prepare to deal with an unprecedented drought caused by El Nino (06:26-07:32)
6. Montserrat's Chief Minister David Brandt comments on naturalization without reciprocity for Britain and David Waddinton, Former Governor of Bermuda agrees with this proposal (07:33-12:27)
7. The West Indies cricket team won a three wicket victory over England in Port-of-Spain and Keith Stone Greaves reports on the varying reactions in the headlines of the Caribbean and British newpapers (12:28-15:10)