Caribbean Report 08-10-1991



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:33)
2. Haiti's General Assembly, presided over by military commander General Raoul Cedras, has just sworn in Supreme Court Justice, Joseph Nerette as the country's provisional president. Justice Nerette has reportedly been given 90 days to organize a new election under an article of the Constitution that provides for succession in the event the presidency is vacated. The OAS has rejected these developments and has declared it will not recognize a provisional president. Chris Nuttall reports on the current OAS meeting and their proposed course of action, including the United States' position on the restoration of Aristide's administration(00:34-04:51)
3. Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister ANR Robinson has reiterated his support for military intervention in Haiti if the OAS decides to pursue that course of action. Prime Minister Robinson is currently on a visit to London and is interviewed by Hugh Crosskill (04:52-07:33)
4. The mayor of Port-au-Prince, Evans Paul was beaten and taken away by police last night has been released. The mayor was preparing to leave Haiti to meet with President Aristide in Caracas when he was taken away. He was released 12 hours later with broken ribs and legs (07:34-08:01)
5. The ongoing controversy surrounding the preliminary voters list for Guyana's upcoming elections continue today with the sudden postponement of a crucial meeting of the rival political parties. Sharief Khan reports from Georgetown (08:02-09:54)
6. Returning to Haiti, the OAS foreign ministers have been spending the day meeting behind closed doors in Washington to consider tougher action against Haiti. Telephone interview with Jamaica's Foreign Minister David Coore who states that the committee is considering stringent economic and diplomatic sanctions with the aim of isolating Haiti and the sending of a civilian mission to Haiti (09:55-14:53)