A Sub-Culture of Delinquency: Factors That Motivate Students of Form 3H to Join a Delinquent Sub-Culture in Pine Hill Secondary School



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This study, which was based on the theoretical framework of Cohen’s sub-culture of delinquency, investigated the factors that motivated four male Form 3 students to join a delinquent sub-culture at a secondary school in Trinidad and Tobago. Data were collected through interviews. The findings identified the following factors that led to the students’ becoming involved in the delinquent sub-culture: 1) psychological problems emanating from family abuse and being bullied at school; 2) stereotyping and labelling by teachers; 3) parental separations or divorce; 4) material deprivation at home, which drove them to bullying others for financial gain; 5) peer pressure; and 6) the need to project a masculine image.


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Secondary school students, Student behaviour, Student attitudes, Delinquency, Delinquency causes, Male students, Trinidad and Tobago