Caribbean Report 11-11-1997



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:25)
2. One death in the Dominican Republic as a forty-eight hour strike cripples the capital. Jean-Michel Cairot reports (00:26-03:13)
3. As UN troops prepare to begin their pull out from Haiti there is increasing tension and fear following yesterday's bomb blast in the capital which claimed one life. Michael Norton reports (03:14-06:02)
4. Guyana's four political parties this morning signed a code of conduct. The aim of the code is to ensure peace and good order are maintained during the campaign of the forthcoming elections. Doodnauth Singh, Chairman of the Elections Commission and Executive Member of the Working Peoples Alliance are interviewed. Colin Smith reports (06:03-09:08)
5. In Jamaica while Prime Minister P.J. Patterson has again expressed the desire for early elections the electoral office says it will take whatever time is necessary to produce the voters lists. Former death row inmates in Jamaica give evidence at the inquiry into the August riots. A former death row prisoner is interviewed and Carol Orr reports (09:09-12:10)
6. Chiquita bananas is called to answer questions in Washington. Larry Burns, Council Director is interviewed (12:11-15:25)