Caribbean Report 06-03-2002



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:27)
2. The Barbados Prime Minister, Owen Arthur denies his government has broken ranks with CARICOM and cut a deal to get off the OECD’s blacklist of tax havens, thereby putting pressure on other West Indian jurisdictions. Carol Orr explains why the Barbados position appears to be different from its neighbours and Ben Coleman, spokesman for the International Tax and Investment Organisation, talks about recent commitment letters from the Caribbean (00:28-06:44)
3. The Jamaica National Security Minister, Peter Phillips, holds talks with British officials in London on aid for Jamaica’s crime fight. Officials say Jamaica’s high murder rate is due to gang related drug wars and gangs have spread their influence abroad including to Britain. Terry Burns Director of Law Enforcement at British Customs says visas could help reduce the number of cocaine couriers coming from Jamaica to Britain. Matthew Exell reports (06:45-09:41)
4. A preliminary court hearing is set into the murder charge against Saint Vincent’s Prison Superintendent, Eric Rodriguez, charged with killing an inmate, Kingsley Henry, during a prison disturbance at the main jail in Kingstown (09:42-10:11)
5. Saint Lucia’s Foreign Minister, Julian Hunte, defends the decision of the Commonwealth Summit to put off action against Zimbabwe until after the presidential election. Britain had led a campaign for sanctions against President Mugabe whose supporters have been accused of violence against government opponents but Julian Hunte, leader of his country’s delegation at the summit, says punitive action is not the way to go at this stage. Action will be taken on the report of observers immediately after the election (10:12-13:35)
6. More than a hundred Saint Lucians sign up for the British army in an initiative which Prime Minister Kenny Anthony hopes will help to reduce high unemployment on the island. Karen Weir reports (13:36-14:47)
7. A female crew member who fell overboard the Miami-based cruise ship the SS Norway is rescued by the cruise ship after spending about ten hours treading water in the Atlantic Ocean. The twenty-four year old Romanian woman is in a stable condition (14:48-15:28)