Caribbean Report 23-12-1993



Table of Contents

Headlines with Carol Orr (00:28)
1. British Prime Minister John Major is being urged to intervene in the row over Jamaicans detained after flying into London form Jamaica. Charles Warlde, British Immigration Minister defends Britain’s immigration decision to detain the travelers. Sue Shutter, immigration caseworker explains the other side of this story. And, Hector Wynter Spokesman on Foreign Affairs says it may be time for Britain and the Caribbean to consider an exchange visa requirement (00:29 -08:27)
2. President Castro’s illegitimate daughter - Alina Fernández Revuelta has been granted political asylum in the US. Journalist David Adams in Miami responds to the question and give details about the reasons and circumstances surrounding her anticipated defection (08:28 -11:40)
3. Christmas is not officially celebrated in Cuba, since it interfered with the sugar harvest. However, some Cubans are trying to make it special – Lionel Martin reports (11:40 -13:59)
4. The United States has warned Haiti’s military leadership that it must comply with a peace plan by January 15th or risk tightening of international sanctions. Haiti’s government in exile has announced that it will hold an international conference in Miami on January 15, in an effort to end Haiti’s political crisis – Carol Orr reports (14:00 -15:06)