Caribbean Report 07-05-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Ken Richards ( 00:25)
2. Polls are due to close and elections results publicised in Curacao, Saba and Sint Eustatius by midnight. Paul de Wint Director of the national television station discusses voter turnout and other elections issues (00: 26 – 03:00)
3. In Guadeloupe, banana farmers have received a ten million dollar AID package from the French government following a decline in production as a result of hurricanes and increasing competition in the European market. This windfall is aimed at easing farmers debt burden. Geraldine Cockland reports (03:01 – 04: 21)
4. Commonwealth Law Ministers have agreed to continue providing technical assistance to small banana producing countries affected by the World Trade Organization ruling against the European Union banana regime. There is a proposal for the establishment of an Advisory Center on WTO law. Dominica Attorney General Anthony Laurent discusses the WTO ruling. Attorney General Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj discusses ratification of the agreement and the establishment of an International Criminal Court. Tony Fraser reports from Port-of -Spain (04: 22 - 06: 36 )
5. Dennis Byron from Saint Kitts was appointed to the post of Chief Justice of the Eastern Caribbean Appeal Court. Keith Stone Greaves reports on the significance of the appointment to the legal profession in the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). President of the Antigua Bar Association Justin Simon comments on the confirmation and Byron’s suitability for the job (06: 37 – 12:13)
6. Teachers in Guyana signaled that they will join public workers in the protest for higher wages. A cabinet appointed team of officials will open exploratory talks to resolve the issue (12:14 – 12: 49)
7. Red Cross leaders from the Americas have scheduled a meeting to coincide with the hurricane season. The Caribbean region and Latin America will focus on how organisations can respond to natural disasters and implementing programmes to address the vulnerabilities facing the region (12:50 - 15: 27)