Caribbean Report 23-10-1990



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:28)
2. Mayor of French St. Martin, Ian Flemming, announces that France has decided against the establishment of a customs administration in St. Martin. Paris will instead set up a special force to combat drug trafficking and money laundering, and remove the three French offices already stationed on the island by the end of the week. Eddie Williams reports on this contentious free port issue in St. Martin (00:29-01:56)
3. The international community, through the United Nations, has thrown its support behind the electoral process in Haiti. Interview with Joao Baena Soares, Secretary General of the OAS (01:57-03:58)
4. Following Desmond Hoyte’s concession to electoral reforms, potential international investors are taking another look at Guyana. David Jessop, Executive Director of West India Committee comments that free and fair elections is the natural prerequisite for long term economic investments (03:59-07:50)
5. The Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago recently published its second quarterly report for April-June 1990 which shows a significant improvement in economic activity. Dr. Terrance Farrell, Manager of Research and Information of the Central Bank is interviewed by Debbie Ransome on the impact of the attempted coup on positive economic projections (07:51-10:33)
6. Jamaican-born nurse, Lurline Champagnie, will become the first black woman to contest a parliamentary seat for the Conservative Party at the next general elections in England. Leslie Goffe interviews Lurline Champagnie on the reputation of the Conservative Party being anti-black and anti-immigration (10:34-14:56)