Caribbean Report 08-03-1990


A peaceful demonstration outside the National Palace in Haiti is violently broken up with gunfire by soldiers leaving one confirmed death and 12 injured. Jerry Timmins provides an eye-witness account of the mass demonstration, including the mood of demonstrators, the beating of a protestor and the onset of gunfire on demonstrators. Secondly, the Cuban president, Fidel Castro attacks the political reforms of the communist bloc in Eastern Europe, resulting in reports that the Soviet Union’s support of the Cuban regime is beginning to wane. The report concludes with claims of increasing racial attacks against prisoners in the UK, made at a conference on race relations organised by the inmates of Long Lartin Maximum Prison in Hereford.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-01:48)
2. Haitian President, General Prosper Avril unleashes soldiers on demonstrators in Port-au-Prince. Eye-witness report from Jerry Timmins (00:49-07:56)
3. Soviet Union losing its patience with Cuban President, Fidel Castro. Tim Hughes reports from Moscow (08:44-12:03)
4. Racism in UK prisons. Fergus Walsh reports from Long Lartin, includes an interview with Joe Whitty, former Governor of Long Lartin, and comments from inmates (12:04-14:43)