Caribbean Report 27-02-1990


In Suriname, the move by the military commander Desi Bouterse to end the internal arm conflict by uniting with Ronnie Brunswick and the Amerindian rebels is viewed with suspicion. Secondly, the opposition victory in the Nicaraguan elections is greeted with dismay by the Cuban government since it may now mean that Cuba will receive the brunt of the US hostility in the region. Following the Financial News, Caricom ministers meet in St. Lucia tomorrow to discuss the state of the banana row with the Dominican Republic. At the meeting, they will examine a letter of explanation from the government of the Dominican Republic. The report concludes with an interview with Clive Lloyd, West Indies cricket manager in which he expresses surprise of the English performance at the first test match between the West Indies and England at the Sabina Park, Jamaica.


Includes a musical interlude at the beginning of the report.

Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-01:40)
2. Concerns over the sudden display of unity between Bouterse and Brunswick in Suriname. Interview with Rev. Rudolph Polanen (01:41-04:53)
3. Cuban government disappointed over the opposition victory in Nicaragua. Lionel Martin reports from Havana (04:54-07:10)
4. Financial News. Graham Cooper comments on the future prices of coffee (07:11-08:46)
5. Caricom ministers meet to discuss the state of the banana conflict with the Dominican Republic. Hugh Crosskill interviews Charles Savarin, Dominica's Ambassador to Brussels and a senior trade official in the EEC Development Commission (name inaudible)(08:47-12:31)
6. Optimistic outlook from the West Indies cricket team manager. Interview with Clive Lloyd (12:32-15:50)