Caribbean Report 06-07-1998



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Keith Greaves (00:00-00:28)
2. Guyana's Opposition leader says the peace agreement does not rule out lawful protest action. Foreign Minister Clement Rohe has expressed optimism about the St. Lucia Agreement. Opposition Leader Desmond Hoyte, Foreign Minister Clement Rohee are interviewed as Colin Smith reports (00:29-03:46)
3. Caribbean leaders have been leaving St. Lucia after the conclusion of the 19th CARICOM Summit. Prime Minister Keith Mitchell was asked if the Guyana issue overshadowed the rest of the CARICOM agenda. Prime Minister Keith Mitchell and incoming CARICOM Chairman, Dr Kenny Anthony are interviewed and Pete Ninvalle reports (03:47-06:43)
4. The Commonwealth Ministerial Mission and Small States plan to make out a strong case for the continued protection for small banana farmers in the Windward Islands. As the ministerial mission prepares for the talks in Washington, Brussels, Geneva and London, the Commonwealth believes the vulnerability of Small States must be kept on the international agenda. The Commonwealth's Deputy Secretary General Sir Humphrey Maud and Deputy Director responsible for Small States at the Commonwealth Secretariat, Dr Chris Easter are interviewed (06:44-11:20)
5. Montserrat's Soufriere Hills spews more ash. The volcano has made uninhabitable two thirds of the southern part of the island. Scientist Dr. Jill Morton reports (11:21-13:43)
6. In Puerto Rico, airport utilities and government agencies are bracing themselves for a two-day general strike. It is to protest the privatisation of the Puerto Telephone Company. Cindi John reports (13:44-15:24)