Caribbean Report 28-10-1991



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:38)
2. Guyana’s President Desmond Hoyte and the Chairman of the Elections Commission are standing firm against recommendations by the Carter Centre to correct the flawed voters list. Sharief Khan reports from Georgetown (00:39-01:57)
3. Barbados’ Prime Minister Erskine Sandiford returns from Zimbabwe to face a hostile workforce and a 48 hour ultimatum by the coalition of trade unions. Sandra Baptiste reports (01:58-03:52)
4. Barbados Rediffusion Limited, operators of the Voice of Barbados, Star Radio and Yes FM, is currently broadcasting on borrowed time. The government wants separate licenses for each of the three stations and an increased license fees. Fred Gollop, Chairman of the Nation Group of Companies is interviewed (03:53-07:39)
5. Cracks are beginning to appear in the Dominican Republic government’s support for the OAS sanctions against the new regime in Haiti. Ian Farley reports that the Deputy Foreign Minister yesterday contradicted the position of the President of the Dominican Republic by opposing the return of President Artistide (07:40-08:39)
6. The government of Jamaica will be handed a report which seeks to point the way forward for the development of small industries serving the home and foreign markets. The report is compiled by Robin Murray of the Institute of Development of the University of Sussex which recommends the establishment of a manufacturer’s bank. Comments from Robin Murray on the current state of the Jamaican economy and the relations with the IMF and the World bank (08:40-12:03)
7. A British trade delegation has just completed a fact finding mission to Cuba investigating possibilities for increased trade and investment opportunities. Charles Scanlon reports from Mexico with an interview with international business consultant, Michael Chambers (12:04-14:54)