Caribbean Report 31-03-1992



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:31)
2. In a press release, Antigua and Barbuda’s Prime Minister V. C. Bird announces his resignation and calls on his parliamentary colleagues to set up procedures for electing a new party leader and prime minister. Foreign Affairs Minister Lester Bird and Labour Minister Adolphus Freeland have announced their intention to run for the post. Correspondent Hugh Crosskill reports (00:32-02:16)
3. The ruling People’s National Congress in Guyana presents its last budget before general elections this year. Correspondent Sharief Khan reports on reactions to the budget (02:17-04:05)
4. Grenadian Gloria Francis, the official responsible for the commodities protocol in Brussels, confirms that false rum marketing is on the rise again in some European states to the disadvantage of Caribbean rum producers (04:06-08:01)
5. In Puerto Rico, former Governor Carlos Romero Barceló has been called to testify in a public enquiry into the murder of two pro-independence activists in 1978. Correspondent Sebastian Omara reports (08:02-10:13)
6. Haitian refugees in Cuba are leaving voluntarily to return to Haiti but are uncertain whether or not they will be allowed to land. Lionel Martin reports (10:14-12:15)
7. Correspondent Michael Norton reports on the likelihood of Haitian refugees returning to Haiti on the way from Cuba by boat. The expectation is that they would head to another country (12:16-13:27)
8. The Cuban government seeks cheaper accommodation for its London based embassy. Meantime, the government is continuing efforts to attract foreign investment. More than two hundred investors have signed agreements to create joint ventures on the island (13:28-14:24)