Caribbean Report 16-12-1998



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:26)
2. High profile murder case ends in Bermuda on a technicality. Victoria Abraham reports from Hamilton (00:27-02:18)
3. St. Lucia and Guyana worry about crime waves which have hit those countries. Prime Minister Kenny Anthony and Attorney General, St. Lucia Petras Compton are interviewed. Colin Smith reports from Guyana and Pete Ninvalle reports from St. Lucia (02:19-06:19)
4. On-going banana trade dispute between the United States and the European Union is threatening to overshadow a major meeting in Washington. Ambassador Edwin Laurent is interviewed. Keith 'Stone' Greaves reports (06:20-08:33)
5. Haiti's Senate has ratified a nomination Jacques-Edouard Alexis for the post of Prime Minsiter sparkling off hopes that an end could be in sight to the country's eighteen months political stalemate. Director of Caribbean Studies, Brookly College Professor Bert Thomas is interviewed (08:34-10:50)
6. With memories of Hurricanes George and Mitch still fresh in people's minds the International Red Cross has launched a programme to help protect hotels and their guest. It is being piloted in Jamaica. Regional Red Cross Spokesman Luke Greeves is interviewed (10:51-13:33)
7. Santa Claus is not coming to town for the people of Havana. Rosie Hayes reports (13:34-15:04)