Caribbean Report 03-02-1992


Disappointment is expresed in a number of forums due to the decision by the United States to deport 10,000 refugees even though oncerns are expressed for their safety. There is also news of a cholera alert which Trinidad and Tobago has been put on due to the epidemic in Latin America. There is also news of the launch of a major research document on the banana industry in Europe and discussions on the impact on the Caribbean banana industry.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:40)
2. Report on the dissappointment expressed by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees towards the United States decision to deport the 10,000 refugees being held at the United States Naval base at Guantanamo Bay (00:41-01:13)
3. Interview with Sylvana Foa, spokeswoman for the United Nations Commission for Refugees, who says there is cause to be concerned about the safety of the returnees (01:14-03:22)
4. Report by other groups critical of the forced repatriation such as the London based Amnesty International (03:23-03:59)
5. Interview with Will O'Neil, Executive Director of the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights in Washington, who disagrees with the U.S. deportation (04:00-07:15)
6. Report on the cholera alert for Trinidad and Tobago due to the epidemic in Latin America (07:16-07:46)
7. Tony Fraser reports from Trinidad on the concern expressed for the cholera outbreak and airs views of the Director of the epidimeiology centre, Dr. Franklin White (07:47-10:01)
8. Report of the launch of a major research document entitled "Impact of the European Banana Regime", by the Caribbean Bananas Exporters Association, at a press conference in London, and interview with the author of the report, Dr. Carol Cosgrove (10:02-15:00)