Caribbean Report 01-06-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Orin Gordon (00:25)
2. Parliament in Suriname is united in a motion calling on the President and Vice President to resign. Worsening economic conditions in the country have led to violent street protests in the capital Paramaribo (00:26 - 03:02)
3. The Standing Conference of Popular Democratic Parties of the Eastern Caribbean (SCOPE) reviews terms and conditions of general membership. Curtis Matthews reports from Roseau, Dominica (03:03 - 04:28)
4. Cuba files a lawsuit of one hundred and eighty billion dollars in damages for the effects of the forty year US embargo policy against Havana. Miami based Cuban analyst Max Castro is of the view that Havana does not have a realistic chance of receiving compensation from Washington (04:29 - 04:59)
5. South Africans go to the polls tomorrow in the second democratic elections in the country’s history. Outgoing President Nelson Mandela calls for a vote without bloodshed. Correspondent Greg Barrow reports on the negative campaigning (04:60 - 09:41)
6. Debbie Ransome reports on cricket matches scheduled for six major teams in the World Cup series. Vivian Richards discusses his role as coach of the West Indies cricket team (09:42 - 15:27)