Caribbean Report 27-04-1994



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Debbie Ransome (00:00-00:32)
2. Michael Manley, head of the Commonwealth team observing South Africa’s elections said an international monitoring force should be mounted to help quell post-election violence. Former Jamaica Prime Minister spent most of the day observing the turnout as elderly, ill and disabled voters turned out on the first day of South Africa’s first multi-racial elections. Michael Manley comments that there should be a small but alert presence of international persons for the first few months after the election to let everyone know the international community is supporting what is happening (00:33-04:03)
3. In Dominica, angry bus, truck and taxi-drivers took to the streets to protest the increase in the motor vehicle taxes. Police reacted by using tear gas. Protesters blocked the road around the capital. Mike Bruney reports (04:04-06:25)
4. The resignation of Ambassador Lawrence Pezzullo, Clinton’s special envoy to Haiti, is to be announced. The Ambassador has been criticized in recent weeks both by human rights groups and supporters of the President’s own Democratic Party over the administration’s failure to return Jean-Bertrand Aristide to power in Haiti. Paul Legg reports from the State Department in Washington (06:26-08:24)
5. Three British officers are to be prosecuted for the manslaughter of Jamaican Joy Gardner who collapsed and died after being detained under a deportation order. Two officers, Linda Evans and John Burrell have been served summons. A third officer is to be served. Yvette Rowe reports (08:25-09:40)
6. Joy Gardner’s mother, Myrna Gardner, regards the decision to prosecute the three officers as a victory. Verne Grant of the Opposition Labour Party, Guyanese-born MP says Joy Gardner’s death should lead to greater accountability on the part of Britain’s immigration services (09:41-10:33)
7. The President of Zambia is currently of Zambia, Frederick Chiluba, is currently in Cuba on a five-day visit. He received a warm welcome on arrival. While in Cuba, the President is expected to discuss the possibility of establishing further co-operation in the sugar cane industry, sport and medicine. Rosie Haynes reports (10:34-12:33)
8. In cricket, North Hamsphire’s captain Allan Lamb could hardly contain his anger with West Indies fast bowler Curtley Ambrose after the teams’ six wicket loss to Middlesex in the Benson and Hedges Cup. Ambrose failed to arrive in the UK for the start of the season. Hugh Crosskill reports (12:34-14:38)
9. Wrap up & theme music (14:39-15:01)