Poetry to rapso: Localized narrative in the classroom



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School of Education, UWI, St. Augustine


This qualitative research paper explores the experiences and perspectives of two long-standing teachers and poetry enthusiasts who use poetry and Rapso in their classrooms. The researchers use self-study of teaching and narrative analysis to share their stories and explore the ways in which personal and localized materials inform their teaching. They employ a "critical friend" to facilitate verification of the narratives and findings. The emergent themes, while identifying challenges, portray Rapso in the Poetry and the Poetry in the Rapso as rich in relevance and opportunities for nurturing a joy for learning and teaching generally, and reading and cultural identity more specifically


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Poetry, Literature education, Rapso, Teaching techniques, Teaching experiences, Research methodology, Self study research, Caribbean


Conrad, D. A., Forteau-Jaikaransingh, B., and Popova, D. (2013). Poetry to rapso: Localized narrative in the classroom. Caribbean Curriculum, 20, 1-29.