Caribbean Report 02-03-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Keith Stone Greaves (00:27)
2. The ongoing banana row between the US and the European Union (EU) has launched the World Trade Organization (WTO) into uncharted legal territory. The WTO accepted a request by the EU challenging the legality of US imposed sanctions. BBC correspondent Claire Doyle reports from Geneva on the WTO rulings. BBC economic affairs correspondent Paddy O’Connell reports on negotiations to avoid a full scale trade war (00:28 - 04:06)
3. Saint Lucia Tourism Minister Philip J. Pierre discusses the unwillingness of the country to pay a 1.5 million dollar subsidy to American Airlines for a second consecutive year. Ken Richards interviews the Minister on how the loss of subsidy will affect tourism in the island (04:07 - 07:01)
4. The market price for sugar, the key export earner for many Caribbean countries, has fallen to its lowest price in twelve years at 65 cents per pound. London based International Sugar Organization (ISO) is blaming the decline on economic turbulence in Asia and Russia. Tony Hanna a senior economist with the ISO provides an analysis on countries seriously affected by the fall in sugar prices (07:02 – 09:08)
5. Political tension increases in Haiti in the wake of the murder of a prominent Senator, Jean-Yvon Toussaint. The opposition party the Struggling People's Organization (OPL) has broken dialogue with President Preval on the country’s political crisis. Keith Stone Greaves interviews Haitian expert Alex Dupuy about the political stalemate in the country (09:09 – 12:06)
6. West Indies cricket selectors announced major changes in the team selected to play Australia in the first test series in Port-of -Spain Trinidad and Tobago. Horace G. Helps journalist at the Antigua Sun newspaper criticises the team selection. The Cricket Board announced the adoption of an official anthem ‘Rally around the West Indies’ written by David Rudder (12:07 – 15:21)