Caribbean Report 22-10-1998



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Keith Greaves (00:00-00:25)
2. After tremors in Dominica causes panic in the island. The Regional Disaster Emergency Agencies are using the Montserrat's volcano experience to help the islands with volcanoes in their planning and preparation. CDERA's Jeremy Collymore in Barbados says that Dominica is ripe for such an exercise. Senior Scientist at the Seismic Research Unit, Dr John Shepherd and CDERA's Jeremy Collymore are interviewed. Ken Richards reports (00:26-06:49)
3. New York City Council votes unanimously in favour of the extradition of a former Haitian military leader. Council Woman Juanita Watkins, Rudy Orozco of the New York City Council and Wendell Foster, Chairman of the Council Committee which presented the Constant resolution are interviewed. Leslie Goffe reports (06:50-10:32)
4. CARICOM leaders step up the lobbying in the United States to head off the growing trade impasse with Europe over banana imports from the Caribbean. CARICOM Chairman Prime Minister Kenny Anthony is interviewed (10:33-11:56)
5. In Suriname, the streets of the Capital Paramaribo were quiet following Wednesday's march by thousands of people over the President's choice of the Supreme Court Chief Justice and the Prosecutor General. Journalist Dennis Sampson reports (11:57-13:21)
6. Suriname and Guyana to decide on an agreement for a ferry service between them and Guyanese authorities land their greatest drug burst for the year. Lambert Marks, Head of the Guyana Anti-Narcotic Unit is interviewed (13:22-14:44)
7. Joey Ramiah, another Trinidad and Tobago death row prisoner, has submitted new grants for appeals seeking to escape the hangman's noose (14:45-15:19)