Avenue of Palms, Belleville-Barbados

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The Main Library, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados is responsible for making this digital resource available.


Vintage image of a man and two girls standing in the avenue of Belleville, Barbados. In the background there are two men also standing in the avenue looking on. On both sides of the avenue are palm trees. Also in the background is the St. Cyprian’s Church which was said to have been built well after the end of the Coleridge Building Programme in Barbados (1824 -1842). The cornerstone was laid by the Lady Sendall, the wife of the Governor of Barbados, Walter Joseph Sendall, on 24th February, 1890 and the church was officially consecrated on 26th September, 1894 by Bishop Herbert Bree. At the back of the postcard on the left-hand side the following is written in pen ink: 18-10-09. Dear Moreton/ I arrived here yesterday & had a stroll ashore during the afternoon. The vegetation here is something grand. Kind regards to Mother & Father. Yours truly Leonard Clother. On the right-hand side the following is written in pen ink: Moreton Wallis (?); Esq. 27 Ash Grove, Hyde Park, Leeds. England. Next to this at the bottom the following is written in pencil: E £9. There are four brown stamps at the top of the post card with the post office stamp on them. The stamps have BARBADOS at the top and ONE FARTHING at the bottom of each of them. https://www.barbadospocketguide.com/barbados-attractions/churches/anglican/st-cyprians-church.html


Landscape. Black & white. 5 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches.

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Clothing & dress, Historic buildings, Residential streets, Trees, Palms, Churches, Anglican churches, People