Caribbean Report 31-07-1989



Table of Contents

1. The Privy Council frees five men from Jamaica's deathrow. This brings to ten the number of Jamaicans who the Privy Council has ruled as wrongly condemned to death for the year. Hugh Crosskill interviews British solicitor Bernard Simons (00:00-04:09)
2. The plight of Jamaicans on death row is part of a wider concern over prison conditions. Caribbean Rights, the Human Rights Network is just starting an investigation into the subject. Hugh Crosskill interviews Vivien Stern, an expert on British prisons (04:10-07:05)
3. Financial news (07:06-08:10)
4. The recent strength of the dollar against the sterling has added to the pain felt by Caribbean banana producers of falling prices over the past weeks. Hugh Crosskill interviews WINBAN's marketing intelligence officer Raymond Abraham (08:16-09:35)
5. The future of the Peace Treaty in Suriname has been placed in doubt following its rejection by Military Leader, Commander Desi Bouterse. Hugh Crosskill interviews Mr. Stanley Rensch of the Human Rights Organization about the Treaty's future (09:36-12:39)
6. The former Cuban Interior Minister, General Jose Abrantes Fernandez who was dismissed from office has been arrested along with other Cuban officials on charges of corruption. Lionel Martin reports (12:40-15:00)