Gender Issues in Education: A Review of the Major Gender Issues in Education and of Relevant Caribbean Studies



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Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States


The main purpose of this study were to: 1) review the major gender issues in education and to identify and review all the relevant studies done in the Caribbean region that contribute to an understanding of gender issues in education; 2) make recommendations, in the light of the findings, on ways in which gender might be factored into policy making in all relevant areas of education in the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS); and 3) make recommendations on essential research that should be carried out to inform present and future policy making in education in the OECS. The major sources of data were books and journals, postgraduate dissertations, electronic databases, and relevant research papers. The data were analysed to determine: 1) the gender patterns that exist in Caribbean education revealed from examining enrolment, performance and achievement, subject selection, and in employment in education; and 2) the explanation given for the gender patterns revealed by the data in both the international and regional literature. Explanations for the gender differentials fell into the following categories: 1) biological differences, 2) early socialization, 3) school differences, and 4) remuneration and status. Recommendations are made in the areas of data systems, dissemination of research results, teacher education reform, evaluation of curriculum materials, career counselling for students and research priorities.


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Gender, Education