Caribbean Report 04-07-2002



No Headlines in this report.

Table of Contents

1. Caribbean Heads of Government meet to discuss the political and economic issues facing the community. Bertrand Niles reports and interviews Prime Minister of Grenada Keith Mitchell as well as Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Ralph Gonzales (00:00-01:44)
2. Violent protest in Guyana results in widespread loss of life and damage to property. The government blames the main opposition party for the attack. Colin Smith reports and Police Commissioner, Floyd McDonald analysis the situation (01:45-03:33)
3. Protestors keep pressure on the Dominican government to revise its budget. Acting Prime Minister Osborne Riviere indicates that the average Dominican should not feel the strain of the budget. Ben Meade reports and Acting Prime Minister of Dominica Osborne Riviere analysis the current situation (03:34-05:57)
4. Jamaican police can no longer stand to see lawmen being killed. Five police officers have been shot in less than a month and a total of ten for the year. Head of the Jamaican police federation, Sgt. Steve Brown is interviewed (05:58-8:57)
5. West Indians in New York join other Americans to celebrate Independence Day. After September 11th, this day is being observed across the United States with unprecedented security against possible terrorist attacks. Jamaican born broadcaster, Radio WLIB is interviewed (08:58-11:29)
6. Three people including the gunman killed at the Los Angeles airport incident (11:30-11:40)
7. US Virgin Islands officials are having discussions with the United States on immigration and security matters. Post September 11th security measures may be harming the US Virgin Islands tourism. BBC correspondent Susie Bland reports (11:41-12:51)
8. The West Indies cricket team completes home series against New Zealand and India. The team made progress but could do better. Orin Gordon reports and interviews Colin Croft, former West Indian cricketer who covered the both series (12:34-15:27)