Caribbean Report 18-12-1998



Table of Contents

1. There is a call for a review of the European Union trade with Caribbean countries. Ecuador is one of five Latin American banana producers who along with the United States objects to the European Union system of quotas and tariffs for Caribbean bananas. They maintain the EU's efforts to bring its regime into line with the WTO ruling does not go far enough and still discriminates against them. Ecuador's request for a panel to look at the EU's reforms is likely to be tabled at a meeting on Monday. The United States has always indicated it would like a panel but has never made a formal request. Claire Adoo reports from Geneva (00:00-01:18)
2. The House of Representatives continues to debate impeaching the President with a Summit of senior figures from the European Union and the United States of America schedule to discuss the escalating trade row between the two sides. Patrick O'Connell reports from Washington (01:19-02:36)
3. After eighteen months of stalemate Haiti's Parliament has declared Jacques-Edouard Alexis eligible to become Prime Minister. Haitian Professor of Sociology, Wesleyan University, Connecticut Alex Dupuy is interviewed (02:37-05:59)
4. At least four Cubans are known to have drowned after their boat capsized off the coast of Florida on Thursday night (06:00-06:17)
5. Protest have continued against the government over its handling of the recent crime wave which has gripped Guyana. Lance Carberry of the People's National Congress is interviewed and Colin Smith reports (06:18-08:31)
6. Meanwhile St. Lucia's Prime Minister Kenny Anthony has reiterated his commitment to carrying out the death penalty to deal with convicted murderers on the island. Prime Minister Kenny Anthony is interviewed (08:32-10:02)
7. In Jamaica, whipping or flogging has effectively been abolished. (10:03-10:29)
8. Guyana's parliamentary political parties who contested the last elections have voiced their concerns about a decision not to allow them representation on the country's Constitutional Reform Commission. Vice Chairman of the Good and Green Party LLewellyn John is interviewed (10:30-15:25)