Caribbean Report 07-08-1991



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:25)
2. The Grenada Court of Appeal failed to sit today to hear the latest motions filed on behalf of the convicts in the long-running Maurice Bishop murder case. The failure to sit was due to the absence of one of the members of the three-man panel of appeal justices (00:26-01:33)
3. Suriname is still without an elected president and the affairs of the country are run by an interim government with limited powers that may lead to Suriname heading for a state of economic stagnation. Surinamese Human Rights Activist, Stanley Wrench comments on the role of the interim government, the army and the Jungle Commando (01:34-06:01)
4. Antigua’s new Minister of Economic Development, Industry and Tourism, Rodney Williams, says that the Vere Bird government has to take strong measures to bring the country’s economy on track. One of the measures he outlines is the review of the fiscal incentives for investors, as well as better management of the island’s finances (06:02-09:07)
5. The final test between the West Indies and England is scheduled to take place tomorrow. The British press is reporting that this match may be the last test appearance in England for Vivian Richards. Jonathan Agnew interviews Ian Botham on the upcoming match and Vivian Richards on his pending retirement. Hugh Crosskill also interviews West Indies team manager, Lance Gibbs who confirmed that the rumor of the retirement of Vivian Richards is not official (09:08-14:45)